Harlen Coben

Confusing, right?

A teenage girl + teenage boy + 1940's Nazi + 1940's Holocaust Survivor = WOW!!!

Mickey Bolitar's girlfriend (teenage girl, Ashley) disappears, and with his dad dead, his mom in drug rehab, and living with and uncle he hates, he decides not to let another person leave his life. His friends Ema and Spoon help him out along the way, as well as the OMG THAT GIRL IS HOT Rachel, all to find out what happened to her. It is not an easy task as he is being chased by a bald guy in a black car, a cop that hates his family, and Bat Lady (Holocaust Survivor). Are these his foes, or are they his friends?

Did I enjoy this book?

This book was absolutely amazing. All of the suspension, the funny and ironic moments, plus Mickey being a huge basketball fan and player made it easy to relate to, minus the kidnapping.

Is this book part of a series?

Yes, the series is called "The Mickey Bolitar Series" and as far as I know there is only 2 books, Shelter and Seconds Away, but there may be more.

Was this book well written?

Harlen Coben did an amazing job with this book. He is becoming one of my favorite authors because he writes his books in a way that is easy to relate to, fun, and easy to read.

Was there a theme?

This book has a few themes.

Suspense- you always want to know whats going to happen next, if he finds Ashely, if the bald guy gets him, and who the heck is Bat Lady?

Humor- he wrote several puns and other small jokes that I found to be funny

Drama- for all the suspense reasons, and you just hate how the cop is out to get him even though he never does anything wrong