3 Day Startup

A 3-day collaborative between hustlers, hackers and artists

Enough Talk. Lets Do This Already.

Let's stop talking about entrepreneurship and start doing it. The only way to learn about how to build a business is to build one yourself.

How're we going to do it?

1) Jump Right In: You're not a full-stack developer? You don't have an MBA? You're not the world expert in UX design? The truth is, you'll never feel fully prepared to do this. We're still going to do this and learn through the experience. Start is better than sit.

2) Get Smart People to Help us: We're going to be talking to the best mentors from the ATL startup community to get their input and advice at the ideation, planning and execution stages.

3) Structure: We're not going to waste time for anyone. If you're biz-dev you will talk to people. If you're programming/creative you work hands on with mentors and build product. We've structured these 3 days for you to constantly hustle and strive forward to the next step.

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Bring Your Sleeping Bags.

Friday, March 1st 2013 at 4:30pm

50 5th Street Northeast

Atlanta, GA

We're meeting at Hypepotamus - which is in the arcade level of the Biltmore Hotel.
3 Day Startup


On Friday, we're building building teams, community and culture. We will be brainstorming about problems we want to tackle, discussing potential ideas, thinking about what MVP we want to build and getting started on a UX/UI which make sense. Don't worry about dinner or mentorship (we've got you covered).

Late Night Friday: {undisclosed shenanigans}


We start Saturday with breakfast. We then regroup and will quickly resume building the product. Groups will be forced to go out and talk to potential customers. A big part of product development is understanding customer needs. Groups will then reassemble and hack away to build their product or prototype. It's all about customer discovery and execution. We're going to provide lunch and dinner.

Late Night Saturday: {we don't talk about it.}


We wake up and have breakfast together. Then we workworkworkwork. Lunch, A final meet up with mentors, We then create pitch decks, present what we did to some celebrity panelist reviewers and get feedback. We then enjoy dinner together (free, of course), network, and call it a weekend.

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