Dry, gets enough rainfall for short grasses and low bushes

Climate location

Found in sections of the Great Plains regions.

Also parts of Texas, New Mexico.

The intermontane basin of Nevada.

Also parts of eastern Washington and Oregon, and sections of neighboring states.

yearly precipation

From an average of less than 10 inches to over 50 inches.

It varies year to year.

Seasons and Temperature Range

During winter the temperature can drop as low as -1° C (30° F). Summer temperatures often are in the upper 30°s C (lower 100°s F).For example, in eastern Washington state, January temperatures range from less than -7° C (20° F) to -1° C (30° F) and often drop down to -18° C (0° F). July averages are from 18° to 24° C (65° to 75° F). The average July temperature is 32° C (90° F) and the highest temperature ever recorded there was 48° C (118° F).

Factors Affecting climate

Arizona is situated between the latitudinal lines of 31 degrees and 20 minutes north and 37 degrees north.The highest recorded temperature in Arizona was 128 degrees Fahrenheit recorded on June 29, 1994, at Lake Havasu City.Maximum elevations in the mountainous areas reach 12,000 feet above sea level.