South Sudan Water Crisis

Why do the people of South Sudan need a water purification system? What is the biggest issue related to water facing the population?

The people of South Sudan need a water purification for multiple reasons. They have few water resources to begin with and many will travel long distances to obtain dirty, filthy, undrinkable water. One of the few major water sources they have is the Nile River that runs through the middle of the country. The biggest issue facing the population is that the water they collect is unfit for consumption. Several water sources contain water defaced with water-borne diseases that makes families and communities ill.
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Above is a picture of the "drinkable" water in South Sudan...

Small Scale Solution

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Boil impure water, put the lid on the pot/container, so that the water vapor remains in the container.

Then wait for the vapor to cool and condense, which will leave behind pure water...


the only cost here is a container and lid.

tools to create fire if not accessible to community.

cost stays under 20 dollars, at maximum...


very cheap, very easy to operate


May not eliminate all microbes and bacteria on first try, multiple methods needed possibly

Large Scale Solution

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find a water source

filter the water through a metal screen

put the filtered water in a settlement tank to let the remaining sand and dirt.

then add aluminum and lime... that causes the dirt to harden and then it can be removed easier.

add chlorine to kill microbes and bacteria

then check the Ph level with a Ph strip.

neutralize if the Ph is too high, and store the water.


most expensive of the 3 solutions, needs land as well.

while the metal tanks and screen are the most expensive, roughly around 1,200 for set of both

the chlorine isnt expensive and the Ph strips are inexpensive as well, 15 dollars at least.

the aluminum sulfate in bulk is 45 dollars and limes are cheap in bulk.


cleans water completely, and cleans a lot at a time


costly, and required outside resources that might to hard to obtain

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Group of 20-30 people


purchase a water filter 30 to 40 dollars

buy carbon insert, ion exchange resins and silver tablets

insert water, and let the device to the work


30-40 dollars per filter

carbon 20 dollars

ion exchange resins- prices vary

silver 30-50 dollars


perfect for families, can be sold to families of 4-5+ and that would let a community of 20-30 people have multiple


costly, doesnt eliminate stronger bacteria