Friday Focus

March 18, 2016

Professional Development Plan for 2016-2017

The votes are in, and we will be focusing on developing a deep understanding of the Lucy Calkins Writing Units of Study as a faculty for 2016-2017.

Here is the current plan for implementing this program at the district level:

  • April 11: District CII will consider approving this purchase.
  • May: Educational Service/WRPS Board of Education will consider approving this purchase.
  • Summer: The district purchases the program and summer training will be offered for faculty.
  • 2016-2017: Many opportunities will be offered to learn about the Units of Study, including whole group, grade level, building implementation, and monthly roundtables.

For now, you are encouraged to start getting an overview of the Lucy Calkins Writing Units of Study. Click on the links below for a few online resources:

Heinemann's Website Overview for Units of Study

List of Suggested Mentor Texts for Units of Study

If you have any questions, please contact Liz or myself. If I don't see you today, have a relaxing spring break.



Know Your Howe Staff

Big image

Linda Bidwell has worked as a noon aide at Howe for three years. Did you know:

  • that she has a son, Brad, who is married and in his 30s?
  • that she has been a crossing guard for 22 years?
  • that she lives right across the street from Howe, along Oak Street?
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Kathy Melville is one of our most veteran staff members at Howe, serving here as an aide for several years. Did you know:

  • that she married Mr. Melville last year?
  • that she is an accomplished artist in oil painting?
  • that she has four children and four grandchildren?

Interested in being profiled for a future Friday Focus? I have a camera phone and can take a headshot at any time!

Funny Cat Video

This is Violet's and Finn's contribution for Pet Day today.
Cat playing in tub