Peak-a-boo! Here I am!

May 2nd-6th


We are in the thick of reading and taking notes on our biographies. Last week I modeled what it looked like to read and take notes on a biography with book and internet resources. Then students helped me take my notes and put them into a 3 paragraph report. Today I modeled what the Biography mini poster looked like. When it is all done and finished student will:

  • Have a folder with notes organized by childhood, other important information, and why they are famous
  • Write bibliography for all resources
  • Have a written report either hand written, GoogleDoc, or GoogleSlides
  • Create a mini-poster on their famous person
  • Organize important dates into a timeline, and
  • Give a short oral presentation on their person.

Speed Place Value


Unit 9 marked the end of our Everyday Math units. Students took the Unit 9 test April 27th. The class average was 91%! GREAT finish to the end of the year.

The 3rd grade team met with the 4th grade team and we discussed things we thought were lacking with the new math program and things the 4th grade teachers really needed us to make sure the student knew before 4th grade. From those meetings we planned out what we will do for math the remainder of May.

We have been working with place value beginning last week and into this week. Students are reviewing:

  • the place value chart,
  • building and reading large numbers,
  • ordering large numbers,
  • and identifying the place value and or value of digits in a number.

I also dug in my cupboards and found some really fun place value games that we have been dusting off. Students will play:

  • I have, who has
  • Place Value War with expanded, word, and standard forms
  • Speed Place Value
  • 5-7 digit Place Value Top-it
  • Ordering Numbers

After place value we will review subtraction with regrouping.

Science and Social Studies

Things are getting a little tight. We are working hard to read our social studies text but we are trucking right along. For science the students got a little over anxious and then things got out of control. Partner pairs left each other behind so now groups are working to find equal ground and get back on track. We spent sometime today going over the rules again and working together to get back on track.


Have I mentioned how amazing the 3rd graders did at the assembly!?!?! If you have any photos and video, I would love to have it to share out with everyone.