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Elizabeth 1/ world war 2

Elizabeth 1

Queen Elizabeth 1 was a great and wise Queen of England. Many of her people loved her, because she loved her people as much as they loved her. She accomplished many things when she was Queen of England. Many people, including myself, believe she was the greatest ruler of Enlgand.

What is the greatest accomplishments of Queen Elizabeth 1?

According to Alchin Queen Elizabeth 1 survived to become the Queen Of England, her mother was executed on the charge of treason, adultery, and insect. Her father, King Henry Vlll, disowned her, because of all the accomplishments that Queen Elizabeth 1 got when she was Queen. It has given her the reputation of the greatest Monarch of England. Queen Elizabeth 1 easily earned the love of her people when she was Queen.
Alchin explains It was a major accomplishment to survive the questioning Queen Elizabeth 1 endured at the Tower of London. When she was inprisoned there by her half-sister Mary Tudor, mainly known as Bloody Mary. Alchin states that "Queen Elizabeth 1 achieved an excellent reputation as a good, and wise ruler who was truly loved by her people."
Havelin tells his readers that Queen Elizabeth 1 promised to show her people that her reign as Queen of England would not be like her sisters. She achieved showing her people that she would be that head of her own government. Queen Elizabeth 1 removing more than two dozen of Mary's (her half-sister) Catholic councilor sand named just ten of her own. She also achieved avoiding religious strife, unlike her half-sister Mary (Bloody Mary). Queen Elizabeth 1 accomplished becoming Queen of England on her own terms.

Queen Elizabeth 1

World war 2

World war 2 was one of the worst world wars in history. Millions of people died, thousands we hurt, and thousands of acres of land were destroyed. Because of Adolf hitler millions of Jews, Polish, and gypsy people were killed. Many people believe world wars 2 was the worst war ever in history, and I agree with these people.

The affects of world war 2.

According to Rosmanitz the worst part of world war 2 was the war in general. Because world war 2 killed more people than any other war before in history. The war was so bad about 17 million soldiers died during the six year war. More men, woman, and children died than soldiers because of the world war 2.
Rosmanitz states that "Millions of Jewish people died in the concentration camps, witch were run by Adolf Hitler." Many cities and industries in Europe and Asia were completely destroyed. By bombs, and large areas of land were destroyed.
Britannica explains that World War 2 was terrible. Because of all the deaths, distraction of lands, and property. Because of how bad the war was, experts guess that 40 to 50 million people lost their lives. More than 6 million people were victims of the Holocaust (a German plan to kill people that ugly were inferior). America would not be in the terrible war if the Japanese didn't bomb Pearl Harbor. The World War 2 started in 1939. The war caused many countries to fight against each other and destroy each other.
History of World War 2: A short video