LifeLogics Operations Report

Second Quarter 2016

2016 Key Strategic Goals

1. Make it easy to do business with us

2. Increase value to our client Partners

3. Provide superior service delivery

4. Be profitable


-Revenue YTD at 1,400,030 is over budget by $125,272.

-Expenses YTD at 1,196,340 is under budget by $31,434

-Net Income YTD at $303,690 is over budget by $156,707

-Days Cash on Hand = 206 with current A/R of $262,406

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LifeLogics End User Conference

Tuesday, Aug. 9th, 8am to Wednesday, Aug. 10th, 2pm

700 Aliceanna Street

Baltimore, MD

LifeLogics will be hosting our first annual End User Conference here in Baltimore on Tuesday, August 9 and Wednesday, August 10. We currently have about 80 participants scheduled to attend. We will have speakers from both LifeLogics and our Partner sites and anticipate positive results from this meeting.