Cycling in Europe Advances

By: Casey Wisniewski

The Article

In the article from achieve 3000, they talked about how recently European countries have been highly promoting the use of bikes by all of the conveniences they built for them. They have built a "Cycle superhighway" that is a highway built for bike riders only. They have also built subway cars that have extra compartments to carry bikes on and even a bike only parking lot. So I think this is good promoting bikes like this in a country where cars are fewer.


Countries in Europe (Denmark, United Kingdom)
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Countries in Europe are making bikes much easier to get around with in cities with new advances.
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They have been doing this due to the lack of car purchases in throughout the continent. The reason that is because gas prices vary from 6 to 10 dollars a gallon there. Also promoting biking will promote exercise and lower car pollution.


The article was released on November 29th, 2012
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Countries in Europe
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It was an idea addressed by the United Kingdom a few years ago and it is know become very successful.

My Prediction

I predict over the next decade that cars will continue depleting in numbers and bikes will get even more popular for how much they get promoted.


My connection is that over the summer, my bike becomes my main piece of transportation from going to places and it would be more convenient if cities and towns had more places for bike riders to ride other than the side of the road.