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Gurtej Deol


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Who I am?

Hi my name is Gurtej Singh Deol and I am Punjabi. I was born on October 5th, 2000, at North York Hospital, in a family of 4. The Deol family consists of my sister, mom, dad, grandma, and obviously me. Later on in life my family moved from an apartment to a house in Brampton. As I grew older, education started for me at Springdale Public School. I enjoyed public school life as it mostly consisted of playing sports, games, and rarely getting homework. I was a shy kid and rarely made friends because of it, I kept a tight circle of friends. Later on life I went to a middle school called Lougheed, near Louise Arbour. The next big step that was taken again in my life was moving to another house near Louise Arbour. As middle school ended I moved to the next school that I am in right now, Louise Arbour Secondary School. Since this is school related, the subjects I like are Math, Science, and Gym.Besides school my hobbies are playing video games with my friends, soccer (sports in general), Tv shows ,and many more athletic activities. The tv shows that I enjoy watching are prison break, white collar, and 24 .As the basics go, I like the colors red,blue, black, and grey. My favorite foods are pizza, Alfredo pasta, and burgers. So this is basically a synopsis of what I like, background, favorite activities, and others.

My Life Line

My favorite things

My leadership style

The leadership style I got from the quiz "skillsyouneed" is an Affiliative. An affiliative is a person that has leaders elements, creating bonds and harmony to lead to greater success. These people believe that people come first so that there is no arguments which leads to the downfall of the group. These leaders show empathy, good communication skills, and are good at building strong relationship. One can exercise this leadership style in being consultant. Affiliative have great communications skills which create bonds and harmony, this can lead to consulting a relationship problem.

My Influences

My main influences are my parents, sister, and grandma. The internal factor that have shaped my character are my family. My family has changed me to become a good person and to follow my path. The external factors that have changed my character is the media, in a positive way. Media can be bad at time but it just matters on how you interpret things. Media has changed me to stand up for whats right and wrong. My friends have influenced to become who I want to be, the career path that will suit me, and other.

Role Model/People in my life

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My dad is my role model and he is one of the most important aspect of my life. My dad is a hard working person at work, every task he is assigned (hard or easy), my dad accomplishes it. My dad is also a good solution finder, just like me, so when it comes to obstacles, we overcome it. My dad is a harmonious person that will always seek peace and no arguments, partially like me. My dad has affected me as a person in a good way. He tells me to follow my career path, affecting my life in a good way. I know I have is support on my decisions in life and career, affecting the person I am today. Overall my dad is significant part of my life due to the fact that he has affected my life in a good way and shaped me to who I am today.

My Future

The future career plans I hope to pursue after high school is to go into business. The certain university I will like to attend to do my business is York University. I am interested to go into businesses because I like dealing with numbers and I like the idea of negotiating with people to create deals. I plan to achieve this goal by getting a 80 percent average in grade 12 and by getting accepted to York University as it the nearest university to where I live.
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Family Symbols

Quiz Results

a) Learning style= Visual Learner

Personality= ISTJ

Interest= The strategist

Knowledge= Business

Motivations= Independence

b) Multiple Intelligence= Intrapersonal

c) Jobsetc= Intrapersonal

d) True colors= Gold

e) Meyer-Briggs personality test= Observant

f) Section I= Organizer

Section II= Building

g) Right or left brain= Left brain

Quiz Reflection

The most accurate I found from all these quizzes was the my blueprint one, especially the knowledge part. The knowledge I got from the my blueprint quiz was business and I feel that it relates to me. This quiz was the most accurate due to the fact that my career plan before taking the quiz was going into businesses, showing the accuracy of the quiz. I also like dealing with numbers so when business appeared I knew it was correct. Also this quiz was accurate because for motivations I got independence. This is correct and accurate because I like to work on my own and I do not like to rely on others, making me overall a independent person.

The most helpful quiz that help me determine on what I want to become was again, the my blueprint quiz. This was the most helpful because It told you the compatibility with certain jobs. For example I got sales manager and I was 92 percent compatible with that jobs, meaning that it was helpful to determine on what I want to do. The jobs came up accordingly to personality, interests, knowledge, and motivations, showing that this is accurate and also shows what jobs relate to this category, helping me to determine on what I want to do in the future.

The test that was the least helpful was the true colors one. I think the true colors one was the least accurate due to the fact that I thought I was an orange, relating to the characteristics of it. For gold I got 15 points and for orange I got 14, meaning I couldn't really define myself in that category .There was a 1 point difference between gold and orange, making this test the least effective and unaccurate, according to me.

The first strength I have is being independent and alone. An example for being independent can be working alone, this strength accomplishes many tasks. The second strength I have is being cooperative. This strength can be used in certain areas and tasks, such as a group project or discussion. The 3rd strength I have responsibility, responsibility is to take care or complete a task and hand it in on time. Responsibility can be shown in handing assignments on time, presentation is prepared, and always on time. The last strength I have is time-management. An example for time management can be completing all work for the day, with different time frames. Time management can be to spend time on all different areas of life, example can be work, family, school, etc.

The first weakness I have is being a moody person. An example of being a moody person is that I can be happy at one point and sad or mad at another. The second weakness I have is being impatient. This occurs when I want to know something really bad or I have to do something and I cant wait. The 3rd weakness I have is being shy and not open to others. An example of being shy is afraid of talking to someone or answering someone that I don't know, making me not open to others. The last weakness I have is being a person that complains a lot. An example of that be when I don't get a mark that I thought I would, I would blame a question that should have not been on the test.

In conclusion, I never knew some characteristic/elements about me, like being a intrapersonal person that understands peoples feelings. Something that I learned about my self was that I am a observant, I never knew this, making this something new I learned about my self and surprising as well.