Jeffers Pond Friday Outlook

February 19, 2016


Certified staff forms: Please complete the form by Feb. 26th.

Vertical team meeting: Feb. 25th is our next vertical team meeting. We will be meeting in the media center. Please be prepared for our next vertical discussion around ELA standards and RUOS.

Para meet and Greet: Feb. 25th the SEAC committee is hosting an event for parents/guardians to meet the support professionals that work with their child. We will be meeting in the media center at 9:00 AM.

March 2: The kitchen will be serving green eggs and ham on March 2 (Dr. Suess' birthday).

Phenology contest: See the attached procedures and guidelines. You will receive a contest sheet in your mailbox to complete with your students.


Thank you to Chris for all her hard work to help our 2nd and 3rd graders sound amazing.

Thank you to the second and third grade teams for all of their hard working helping to get their students ready for the program.

Thank you to Vicki for her help with the books and bingo event this week.

Thank you to Anna for the great Phenology contest idea.

Inspiring Greatness