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September 19, 2016

Our mission at Carroll is to inspire and empower learners.

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Don't forget: September 30th -

Beginning of Year Reading Assessments Due in Eduphoria

New Writing Partnership Menus in Eduphoria!

First Grade Writing Workshop Partnership menus with question stems have been added to Eduphoria. You can locate the new menus in Eduphoria- ELA Resources-Small Group/Conferring Resources-Conferring Resources-Writing Partnership Menus.

What Can I Work On as a Reader? A Self Reflection Tool for Finding Goals

Check out this new resource from Jennifer Serravallo designed to be used with students as you work to find and establish goals for students. You can involve students in the goal-setting process by offering them the opportunity to identify with statements that align to different goals from the “Hierarchy of Possible Goals” on page 3 of The Reading Strategies Book (Serravallo 2015).


Need Assistance with ESTAR/MSTAR? See the link below for more information!



  • To assist with getting kids on STEMscopes at home a parent letter has been created that you can use as a template: Parent Letter Template
  • Remember that students need to be assigned activities in STEMscopes in order to have access to information at home. If you need help setting up their classrooms in STEMscopes, please let me know!

4th and 5th Grade Collaboratives:

  • All collaboratives for the year are available for sign up through eduphoria workshop. We encourage earlier enrollment so participants can add the dates to their calendars. Dates can be found on eduphoria workshop and are always at the Maple Street Annex in room 220.
  • September 20th is the first 4th Grade Collaborative from 3:30-5 at the Technology Annex, Room 220. All 4th grade teachers that teach science need to register in eduphoria workshop.

Social Studies

Election Information:

With the election coming up, you will likely want to engage students in conversations and learning opportunities about voting and this year's election. As you plan for instruction, be sure to take a look at FISD's Policy on Politics in the Classroom, the TEKS that address election topics for each grade level, and Teacher Background.

Captioning Carroll

Pancakes and PD: K-2 Guided Reading Training