Born 2 Be Wild

By Steven Medrano(A.K.A BOB HOLLY)

Why Animals Don't Make As Good Pets!!!!

It is against the law to catch and keep wildlife. Because wild animals have special needs and it is difficult to keep them healthy and alive in captivity. For example that if we had a fox pup turned in to us at the Center by a family that had kept it in captivity for a while. Due do an inadequately nutritional diet, the fox became blind.

My Point

My 3 Points

1. A dolphin entangled a trainer in a net, spun her around and held her underwater during a dolphin capture exercise. The trainer suffered three fractures and torn ligaments in her right arm. California's OSHA investigated and fined the park $375. SeaWorld changed its procedures for such exercises.

2. Killer whale Orkid pulled a trainer into the pool by her foot. The trainer broke her arm before being rescued. OSHA did not investigate because the injury was not serious enough to meet the threshold for triggering an inspection.

3. A killer whale swam rapidly by a trainer, circled back and bumped him during the Shamu show. The trainer was taken to a local hospital for unspecified minor injuries and released that day, according to SeaWorld spokeswoman Becca Bides, Orlando Sentinel reported. OSHA did not investigate.