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Great Ideas from your ITRT - Heidi Overfelt

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I just got back from a NCTies Educational Technology conference and I am full of great, new technology ideas!

Each spring I go to the NC Education Technology conference. I go to the Virginia conference in the fall, but I love the NC conference better because it is bigger and packed with the latest trends. This year some teachers were granted funding and time to go with us from various schools around the country. It was so successful, the powers that be are thinking about expanding the idea to all schools in the county. So I look forward to seeing some of you come with me next year!

So I will fill my upcoming newsletters with lots of new tech stuff I discovered at the conference.

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But first - An Invitation to go to EDCAMP RVA

Ed Camps are fun. They are all the rage with teachers all over the country, but not so much in Virginia. There seems to be only a couple in Virginia and the closest one is in Richmond. EdCamps are this wacky thing teachers do - it is an unorganized conference where teachers meet in the morning, decide what they want to learn about (it could be anything from data driven instruction to ipad apps - you decide what YOU want to learn). Then they get together with groups of other people who want to learn the same things and collaborate! It's fun and unexpected. And FREE! And you get re-certification points! And they have prizes! It is very fun and you will definitely learn a lot.

I went last year and learned all sorts of things from classroom management to Google in the Classroom to Teaching with Graphic Novels. I would go again but they don't seem to want to tell me when it is being held to the last minute. It is this Saturday. Register and go. Take a friend for the drive. Click here for the link: It will give you more information about what edcamp is and a registration form.

Actively Learn

This really cool site allows you to take any text and make it interactive. So the student will read along and then you put questions in to check comprehension, ask their opinion about what they are reading or add websites or videos to increase clarity. If that is too much work, you can take pre-made texts that already have the questions included.

Check out the video on the site for more information: Click here for link.


Are you sick of clickers? Can't get a set or they never work right? Try Plickers. Believe it or not, these are a special piece of paper that the students hold up to show their answer. You use your phone loaded with a special app, and the program tells you who answered what and who is right. It is like magic. They have been using it for awhile at the high school since they don't have enough sets of clickers with great success. And it's free.

Click here for link to the site.

Click here for a video on how to use Plickers in the classroom. It doesn't include the fact that you can record student's answers (Joey says the answer to 1 is D) but it will do that if you enter student names into your account.

Scan Documents with Google Drive on your phone!

Do you have an android phone? Did you know you could use the Google Drive app that comes programmed into your phone to scan any document into Google Drive right from your phone. You don't have to go to the library or copy room for a scanner. I have been using it all the time. Just open the Google Drive app on your phone, link it to your school email, and press the big red + sign. Scan is one of the options. It will go right into your Google Drive account as a pdf. How cool is that!

Click here for written instructions.

Click here for video instructions.

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Can't get enough technology?

Download this great FREE ebook onto your computer. It is a great resource that has LOTS and LOTS of great ideas to use in your classroom. Don't worry! It is a safe download with no spam (as far as I can tell).

Click here for download.

If you need any more help or information, make sure to email me at anytime! I will be glad to come by and step you through the process.