Third Grade News

Week of January 12th

Diversity Day!

To celebrate Diversity Day at CBA, 3rd grade paired up with 4th grade. We read the picture book, Martin's Big Words, and talked about the importance of some of Dr. Martin Luther King's ideas. Each student chose their own Big Word to represent what they hoped and dreamed for and recorded it on the App, Big Words. We also created "Unique People" in small groups. Each student was responsible for drawing one part of a person, while keeping it hidden from their group members. When each student was finished they ended up with quite a unique individual! We are excited to see our Diversity video at Barnes & Noble night tonight at 6:30pm.

Reading Groups

In Reading Groups this week, students worked on identifying characters, setting and plot in the stories we read. Some students did a character collage of different characters in Charlotte's Web, identifying different characteristics of the characters. Others read a drama and took on the part of different characters in the story, Pushing Up the Sky. Next week, we will do Reader's Theater. Small groups will work on oral reading fluency and collaboration as they put on a small play.

As a whole group, we began reading Mr. Popper's Penguins! We are so excited for the story and to begin researching different types of penguins and their habitats.

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Math Test on Understanding Division!

We have been working hard on understanding what division is. We are becoming vocab rock stars, explaining how we are solving division problems, using vocab words such as quotient, dividend and divisor. Students will take a test on understanding division on Friday.

No School

Monday, Jan. 19th, 7am

1190 McDermott Drive

West Chester, PA

Franklin Institute Field Trip

Wednesday, Jan. 21st, 9am-3:30pm

222 North 20th Street

Philadelphia, PA

Students will wear regular uniforms. They will need a brown bag lunch and may bring money in a labeled Ziploc bag for the gift shop. Please be on time. We leave promptly at 9:00am. We still need 1 more chaperone if anyone is available! The fee for chaperones is $18.50. Thank you!

Lizzie Carr - Principal for a Day

Friday, Jan. 23rd, 7am

1190 McDermott Drive

West Chester, PA

Students may wear pajamas to school. Girls will have a dance party while the boys enjoy extra recess. We will watch the movie, Big Hero 6 as a school too! What a fun day!

Winter Art Show & Open House

Saturday, Jan. 24th, 1-4pm

1190 McDermott Drive

West Chester, PA

Suggested viewing time for 3rd grade is 2:30pm to 4:00pm.