Welcome to Grade 1 French Immersion

with Mme Ringwood and Mrs. Lane-Oliphant

What do I need to know?

Mrs. Lane-Oliphant and Mme Ringwood are excited to be sharing your child's Grade One learning journey with them. We look forward to continued communication, fun experiences, and support throughout the school year.

For the first few days of school, your children will become familiar with the routines of grade one. They will enter and exit through the sliding doors by the libraryThey will need a pair of indoor shoes and a clean set of "just in case clothes" that will stay at school in their bins for the year. Millen Woods supplies all learning materials such as pencils, erasers, paper, technology and books. Students will have the opportunity to purchase a planner that will be used daily. It is strongly encouraged that the students have a school supplied planner. Pricing will be communicated shortly. We encourage each child to bring in a Kleenex box which will be shared with all classmates.

Mrs. Lane-Oliphant and Madame Ringwood

Important Dates


Communication between school and home is extremely valuable. You can contact us through a variety of methods:
1) Write a message in the planner
2) Phone the voicemail number 519- 570-8015
  • Madame Ringwood ext 5841
  • Mrs Kent ext 7115
3) Use email

The planner will be checked daily and we ask that you initial the planner each day so that we know you have seen it.