American Dream

Lupe Aluiso

The American Dream

What I think the American dream is a nice white family with a giant house a white picked fence with a smile on there face and have no worry in the world with amazing careers that there parents helped them get after that get out of college for 4 years that there parents paid for. which never happens like that besides in fairytales not everyone is born with wealth or a dad that can pass down there business to their son. neither is everyone born with a caring mom that made sure dinner was made every night or that there kids had clothes on there back or food to eat everyday. we are not all equal no matter what the government says, we are all treated different and we all know it but no one wants to stand up for what's right.


Some kids don't have the money to go to college and if they do they will be in debt for the rest of life. who says you need college when all these celebrities and famous rich people never had anything more then a GED or a high school diploma. that most people that grow up in different places never grow out of that so say a kid grows up in poverty they are more then likely to stay there. if a kid grows up rich he is going to stay rich. "equality" should we even say that word exist their is not one person treated the same as the other and never will be. we are always trying to seem better then someone and just because they came from here and look like this or that they are judged and have less of a chance to do this or that which isn't fair at all there is plenty of obstacles put if I name them all ill be here for a while


this dream does not exist anymore because prices are getting higher and higher and we cant afford them with the jobs only paying 8.25 a hour you can't even afford your bills with that type of money. The rich men and women need to help and give back I also think they should drug test people to give them a link card because people are living off the government and are able to work if you can work you need to get off your lazy ass and do something in life and stop depending on tax payers that get money taken out of their check to pay for you to eat and your not even helping yourself. America is doing good helping people but since they know that can get all this help they turn lazy and don't want to do nothing and use the government because now they can get money from not having a job and get foot stamps and most of them just spend it on drugs.