Francisco Pizarro

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Tough Times

Francisco Pizarro's childhood was very tough because he never learned how to read or write. His parents never got married therefore, he lived with his grandparents. His father was a colonel in the army and his mother was very poor. He was born in 1474 in Trujillo, Spain. He had 6 brothers and sisters when he was young. He worked as a pig herder and he never wanted to be a sailor. However, he was a very ambitious man and when he heard stories of the New World, he wanted to sail to it.

Finding the Inca Empire

Francisco Pizarro heard of an empire full of gold and wanted to find it. Francisco Pizarro asked Panama's government to support him. His first journey was to find the Inca Empire, and he failed because of the bad weather, hostile natives, and lack of food. He sailed up the San Juan River with his men. They had to head back to Panama after several crew members died. Two years later, in 1526, another attempt was launched. This time, they made it to the border of the Inca Empire, but they had to head back to Panama, again. Francisco wanted to launch another attempt, but the government of Panama wouldn’t support him. He then returned to Spain to convince the King to support him. Eventually, the King said, "yes". Francisco Pizarro headed back again. This time, he made it to the Inca Empire and established the first Spanish settlement in Peru.


Francisco Pizarro was killed in a very unusual way. Francisco Pizarro was killed while he was eating dinner in his palace with his friends and family. Diego Almagro had a quarrel with Francisco Pizarro, so Francisco assassinated him. Then Diego's son raided Francisco’s palace while he was in it and he killed Francisco Pizarro to avenge his father. Francisco Pizarro also killed many people, like Diego Almagro and he caused the death of Vasco Nunez de Balboa. He killed Diego because Diego had an argument with him. He caused Vasco Nunez de Balboa’s death because he became friends with one of his enemies (Pedrarias Davila). Pedrarias wanted Francisco to arrest Balboa, so Francisco arrested him. When Balboa was arrested he was also sentenced to death. Francisco also killed many people when he and his crew went into war against the Inca Empire.

Francisco Pizarro Biography