E☧ansion: A study through Acts

Cross Collective


Many of us go through life on cruise control, often unaware or uninterested in asking questions of the things that influence us, motivate us, mold our understanding of this world.This world is just a global stage where we inadvertently live out a script, recite the lines, play out the roles given to us, without a second thought.

We are born, raised by a family, educated in school, taught to

We go about life without a second thought as to why? This script points to a very hich points to our cultural milieu (social environment). A culture that pervades and influences our Western iteration (new version) of the church.

Church is the inclusive people of God

NOT an exclusive social club or clique

Church is a movement of the people of God

NOT a location or address or building

Church is who we are at any time of the day

NOT a time slot in the evening or morning

Church is who we are everyday

NOT just on Sundays or during Christmas or Easter

Church is family...

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