Digital Citizenship

How To Do It Right

It's Never Too Soon to Start Thinking of the Future

Years down the road, employers will be checking up on what you've been up to your whole life. With technology at such an advanced place, it's easier than ever. They'll find you! So make sure you're spreading positivity, and keep it appropriate... always!
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Make yourself look good - post positivity!

Forget about what your peers think... What about your employers?

Be a Good Digital Citizen: Tips for Teens and Parents

Check out this site for tips for everyone on how to become or stay a good digital citizen online! Useful for all people of all ages!

8 Steps to Building a Digital Footprint

Follow these simple steps to get yourself on the path for an awesome and positive Digital Footprint!

It's always best to have a plan. Strategize. Most people don't think it's necessary for simple things like Facebook and Twitter, but being prepared and knowing what you're doing will help keep you on the right track. It will keep you focused and knowledgeable about the things you are posting.