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News for You from the Mitchell Library! Jan/Feb 2016


Now's the time to get to know MakinVia, the APS portal that provides single-login access to all of our eResources (electronic databases and subscriptions.) Within MakinVia you'll find: Britannica Image Quest (I've used a few of those images here and have given you a couple of instructional strategies for using them to teach with!) You'll also find Britannica School (encyclopedia), Kids Infobits (another encyclopedia-like database), DK Find Out (great to use on the Promethean Board- lots of interactive things), Teaching (excellent resource for teachers who are planning instruction around books!) and a link to the APS Discovery Education login page.

  • MakinVia is always available from the Mitchell Library home page.
  • I've also included the login below.
  • There's a MakinVia app that Marcia has downloaded to all the iPads. Login from the app (for teachers and students) is the same as from a computer.

***Here's a bonus: MakinVia has digital tools embedded with its eBooks that students can use to highlight and take notes with, simulating many of the things they are asked to do on the PARCC.***

Try it out!

Click HERE to go right to the login page.

Want more information?

Not sure where to start? Click HERE for a tutorial document.

Ideas for Teaching with Digital Images

Spotlight on Strategies (SOS): Collage

The Collage SOS is a great tool to use when introducing a topic, or when assessing what your students have learned about a topic.

1st Grade students at Mitchell are currently learning about New Mexico symbols. Collage, combined with images from Britannica Image Quest, could be used to find out what kids know about symbols of our state. This collage was created using a free online collage-maker called the Be Funky Collage Maker.

Image Citations

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Spotlight on Strategies (SOS): Get VEN-ny With It

Use images like the ones below from the Britannica Image Quest collection as a way to connect students with Presidents Day. It's easy to forget that the President of the United States has a family life outside of the Oval Office and the media. Help students get to know a more personal side of the Presidents with the Get VEN-ny With It SOS strategy!

Image Citations

Get Your Mustang Crate!

Mustang Crates are all the rage! Who wouldn't want a collection of books are resources from the library, picked out especially with you and your students in mind? Here are some of the topics that have already been requested: Winter Animals, Biographies, Math (Geometry and Fractions), Wordless Books, and New Mexico Symbols. What are your students learning about in the next month or so? Maybe there's a Mustang Crate in your future! Request one online today!
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