Journey To The Centre Of The Earth

By: Jules Verne

Book Review

I thought this book was a very exciting book and didn't bore me. I am not a very good book reader and I don't prefer to read books but I did't have a problem reading this book. I thought that this was a fast pace book and was always going from one action to another. If I were to give this book a rating it would be five stars because of the creativity and the ability to keep the reader entertained at all times.

Journey to the Centre of the Earth (1959) Trailer [HQ]

Word Summary

My book is a Science Fiction book written by Jules Vern in 1864. The story involves the German professor Otto Lidenbrock who is a dedicated scientists and previously to his nephew was only an old man that liked to study rocks. Axel who is the nephew questions his uncle's thoughts and theories but doesn't disagree or show this to his uncle knowing that his uncle would give a long lecture to defend his beliefs. Axel and Otto are guided by the Icelandic guide named Hans who doesn't say much but displays much courage and respect to the two men. I would recommend this book to anyone that isn't a good reader and doesn't enjoy many books but likes adventure and exciting books. I would give this book five stars out of five because it's so creative and entertaining and doesn't have any boring parts.