Greece: Where You Can Decide!

No Tyrants. No Kings. You decide.


Politically, Greece places the power into the hands of its citizens!

YOU could submit a law to be voted upon and Passed!

Thats right, YOU! Its a direct democracy.



come to Greece?

Simply because of its beauty.

From architecture to statutes we have it all and we have it better.

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are our Gods?

Well, come to Greece and hang out with the coolest Gods around. The Olympians.

Though very human like they all have immense power and immortality. They may always be up to something, but theres always a hero around to keep them in check!

Come to Athens, it would be a wise choice!



does our society look like?

Well, unlike the ridged and complicated caste system of India, here in Greece we have a class system. If you come and live here expect to be a part of the middle class!

Only because the upper class is reserved for natives! Don't worry, the slaves will still be beneath you!

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do we make our money?

Trade! Our advanced and capable merchant ships allow for our brilliant trade network.

We grow grapes and olives, and trade silver and slaves for everything else we need!

This has allowed us to establish extensive trade relationships all the way to china!

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Live Like A King, Come To Greece