Cindy Mollendor

Antwerp, Belgium

Airfare Cost and Schedule

I am going to going to Antwerp, Belgium it costs 1310 dollars to go to Antwerp, Belgium from Denver, Colorado.That is the price for 1 adult ticket traveling on coach.

So for 2 tickets it costs about 2620 dollars. You will now have to pay for food which costs about 50 dollars each. So over all you will pay about 2720 dollars for two people and food for a round flight.


While I am traveling I will be staying at Hyllit Hotel in Antwerp, Belgium. On,Antwerp,Belgium-c6439-h94217-details/2014-04-23/2014-05-07/2guests/#photos the cost to stay from April 23 to May 7 is 165 dollars. But on;label=kayak-hotel-20284_kid-%24o_HlxjTXaUfR5ghNP4Z3Q;sid=43d511bbeb9b530d7482d0da03037818;dcid=1;checkin=2014-04-23;chckout=2014-05-07;dest_id=-1953257;dest_type=city;highlighted_hotels=20284;sa=hp&utm_campaign=us&utm_medium=SPPC&utm_source=kayak&utm_term=hotel-20284 it costs 181 dollars to stay in hyllit hotel in Antwerp, Belgium. This hotel is super awsome. This hotel comes with a room for 2 and has 2 beds. These beds were not like normal unconfertable hotel beds they were very soft and confertalble. It has an amazing view and awesome rooms to relax in at a huge living room . also it has a big indoor pool that you can relax in to. this hotel also has delicious room service that comes on your convenience. In this hotel the concierge is very helpful and will help you find directions, or anything you are wondering for. Also if you are the type who loves working out ina gym or trying delightful new foods this is a awesome hotel for you.


There are a lot of different types of activities to do in Antwerp, Belgium. There are things to do for the people who love out doors, people who like history and the people who like watching the entertainment . I am going to visit a type of each one of these interests.

First I went to Saint Paul's church. I loved it here. This is aimed for the type of people who like history and culture. I have one super marvelous fact about this stunning church. This church got caught on fire but only the inside got affected. here it is like you are going back in time and seeing a religion in a totally diffrent way. all of the artifacts in this church were saved for memorie. It is amazing how almost all of the statues and simbels of the church were not burned down. For example the cross that was hanging was not burned down and it is still almost perfect. I love how much the people who work there care about the the artifacts and they clean and try there hardest to preserve these astonishing artifacts. I would 100% recomend going here as an activitie in Antwerp.

The second place that i am visiting Theater Elckerlyc. I am going to be seeing a show called Een Perfect Huwelijk. which is translated into The Perfect Wedding. This show was super impresive.if you dont know the language you will totally getthe show by just the acoters tone and voice and actions. It was beautiful! It was a very interesting show. This show will cost about 38 euros which is just the tickets not the food or anything. This price is for 2 tickets and also the cheapest price. This is about dollars.

The third place I am going to go as a activitie is a place outside to la]eran and relax. It is a vefy beautiful place. Thuis is an actvitie for the people who love the out doors and love hanging out with nature. In this place you can walk around and even see some park statues that are interesting an also contain history facts. I 100% recommend going here to.

Problems to Anticipate and Solutions Suggested One problem that you might run into in Antwerp Belgium You might not know how to speak that language. If so then i would recomend getting a tour guide or even perhaps bring your guest that knows that language. I ran into this same problem. I solved this problem by bring one of my really good friends that was actually born in Belgium. But there is a lot more ways to do that then just bring a friend. You can have a bunch of people come with you to certain places. For example at the church u could buy a tour guide that lives in Belgium but also knows english.One more thing that you can do if you are having problems is plan ahead and learn the basic phrases. Kinda like please and thank you so that you are polite. Also hello and goodbye.

The second problem is if you get lost you might not know what to do. And you cqant alk to anyone. So here are sopme tips. First of all u have to right down important information and keep that information with you at all times. It is also very helpful if you keep a map with you so thst you can navigate diffrent places. On that map you might even want to mark the places that you are going to so or at least at your hotel mark on the map were you might go walking or shopping. maybe even make reservations with resturaunts nightly so that you can go and visit it. Finally mark the restuarants or every thing on the map so u know were you are and mark routs that you have to take to get back to the hotel.


I had the best time in Antwerp. It is such a beautiful places to visit. I would 100% recommend this trip. It was the best place I have been to. I mostly traveled by taxi in this amazing trip. Also I got to have a very special guest that was actually very enjoyable because she was born in Belgium and she helped me to know what people are talking about and I really enjoyed having people who I know to help me. I really enjoyed being able to fly a round trip so that I know what I am expecting the second time. I hope that if you go on this trip you would go and have a lot of fun exactly how I did.