Henry Ford

maker of the first car!

Childhood and Early Life

On July 30,1803 Henry Ford was born. Henry grew up on farm with 4 siblings Robert,Margaret,William,and Jane.One day when Henry was 13 his father gave him a watch it was broken he fixed it his neighbors impressed he fixed their time tools too.Henry Ford got a job at a steam engineering company when he was 16 and studied booking and left home.In 1888 Henry Ford married Clara Ala Bryant and had one child together his name was Edsel and had a farm and made money off of it.

The making of the model t

In 1903 the Ford Motor company was made Thomas Edison was there to help in the making the model t. Five years later in 1908 the first model t was made transport was changed forever people could go place easier and ship things across the untied states.Henry Ford died on April,1947.

Important Events

Fun Facts

  • In 1909 president Woodward allowed Henry Ford in senate in as a democrat.
  • In 1926 Henry Ford bought Red Stone school house in Sterling,Massachusetts.
  • Henry Ford became lead engineer in Edison's company in 1893.


Henry Ford proved to me that if you do the thing that you best you'll do good in life like if your really good in science do more science have your hopes high and push your self in what your good in .