Pope Francis

The Best Leader in the World

Pope Francis

This man may be the greatest inspiration in the world. He has already Inspired millions that are catholics and many other people too. He has even answered the many questions that others wouldn't. Like homesexuality, how to handle atheists, and if the Pope should have advisors. He handled each very maturally such as saying, " Who am I to judge?" and even going to a neighboring country to have lunch with an Atheist. He is an all around peaceful and great guy.

Where Does He Live?

He lives in Vatican City, Italy. He decided to live in the Vatican Guest House for personal reasons instead of the Papal Apartments.

These are just 3 of the Pope's personal advisors. (Cardinals)

More Information

Pope Francis is currently at the age of 77. He is also considered number one on the recent top 50 leaders in Fortune's latest survey. He is the Spiritual leader of over 1.2 billion catholics around the world.He is part of the reason why there was a 77% increasage to donating to charities. He will most likely be forever known through history.

Leave the Pope to his own personal business