Chapter19 -CentralandEastern Europe

Dianna Turnley P:4

The Czech Republic

  • Population Size-more than 10 million people
  • Type Of Govt.-Communist
  • Velvet Revolution-a revolution without bloodshed
  • Bohemia-the western half of the Czech Republic
  • Moravia-the eastern region of the Czech Republic
  • Challenge-ending and water pollution


  • Independence-became a independent nation in 1993 when Slovakia was peacefully divided
  • Population Size-more than 5 million people
  • Collective Farming-workers are paid by the govt. and shared their profits from their products
  • Challenge-they struggled with their economy after independence
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  • Major ethnic group-Magyars
  • Type of Govt.-Communist
  • Size of Country-State of Indiana
  • Nickname-"Breadbasket"
  • Challenges-Converting from communist to market system
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  • Population Size-23 million people
  • Nicolae Ceausescu-the second communist leader that lead the nation economic to chaos
  • Economic Chaos-Energy was so scarce there were only 2 hours of television
  • American Soft Drink Maker-the multiplier effect
  • Multiplier Effect-It creates jobs
  • Challenges-a failing economy
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  • Nickname-"Garden Of Eastern Europe"
  • Type of govt.-Strict Communism
  • Challenges-economy
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  • Population-3.5 million people
  • Nickname-"Europe's hermit"
  • Effect Of Isolation-One of the poorest nations in Europe
  • End Of Communism Effect-They received billion of dollars from foreign nations
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  • Meaning- "The Land Of Southern Slavs"
  • Effect-Internal tensions increased
  • Why?-They grew nervous about the future
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  • Physical Geography-Rugged peaks of Montenegro and the fertile plains of the Danube valley in Serbia
  • Economic Disaster-The breakup of Yugoslavia and the wars that resulted in this disaster
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  • Population-5 million people
  • Conflict-The differences in spoken language and alphabet
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  • Population-2 million residents
  • Impact-They were expected to recover quickly
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  • Independence-declared itself independent in 1991
  • Conflict among people-long standing hostilities among different groups erupted into war
  • Resources-Iron ore and lead
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  • Tensions-Complicated trade patterns and hampered the Macedonian economy
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