After High School Plans

Go Arizona State University

Certification and Training

I wouldn't need a certificate for Mechanics or for Vehicle Detailer.

I would have to have on the job training for Vehicle Detailer and Mechanics. For higher education I could get a degree for Mechanics.


The program I could get into for a higher education on mechanics is the Automotive Engineer Program at the Polytechnic campus for Arizona State University.

Picture of Arizona State University and Polytechnic Campus

Community Volunteer Work as Training

Volunteering at any auto body shop will teach you and prepare you on how to use equipment, tools and car lifts in the shop. It will also teach you how to do specific things like airing up tires with an air compressor, changing tires, doing an oil change, patching up a radiator and a lot of other more complicated and complex things.

School Information (Arizona State Univeristy, Polytechnic Campus)

  • Mesa, Arizona
  • Mechanical Engineer Technology (automotive),BS
  • Cost for four years: 101,441$
  • English - 4 years, 3.0 GPA, top 25% of your Graduate class

Enrollment and Student-Teacher Ratio

  • More than 9,700 students
  • Student - Teacher ratio 19:1

Location Information

Mesa, Arizona

Fun things to do

  • Mesa Art Center
  • Arizona Museum of Natural History
  • Golf land Sun-splash
  • Hohokam Stadium
  • Mesa Grande
  • Mesa Historical Museum
  • Superstition Spring Center
  • Mesa Arizona Temple
  • Champlin Fighter Museum
  • Mesa Amphitheater


86.7 degrees Fahrenheit


Tall Mountain and deserts

Paying for College or Trade School

Dale Boothe Memorial Scholarship

Achieve Post Hih School Goal(s)

Get A 3.5 GPA or higher to get into Arizona State University