American Revolution

5 Interesting Facts

Fact 1

Loyalists were sometimes called Tories by the American Patriots, and among these loyalists were thousands of free black men.
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Fact 2

Among the first to die in the Boston Massacre, was Crispus Attucks, who was also a black man. He became a martyr and was a big cause in the revolution.
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Fact 3

Many Native Americans were loyal to Britain because the Redcoats secretly bribed them also told them they'd keep their land if they won the war.
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Fact 4

Frances was convinced to join the war in 1777, after a humiliating defeat of the British at the battle of Saratoga, and France was a deciding factor for the rest of the war.
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Fact 5

Considered to also be one of the people to sign the Declaration of Independence, John Dickinson rejected the offer and despite his active movements to stop Parliament, he hated the idea of a revolution.
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