Courtney Howard

Ceramics 1

Illuminated Monogram

I created this artwork so I could have a candle holder that could match in my room, and even if I ever change my room its white with my initials so it will always match. The problem I had with putting together this piece was that one corner kept coming off. I fixed this problem by scratching and scoring a little more clay to the corner where it kept falling apart. The only thing I would change about my project would be the letters, i wish i could have come up with a cooler way in making them.

Ninja Turtle

I created this artwork because we had to choose between a sea creature or a bird for a whistle, so my plan was to make a sea turtle, but then once we got started on painting I decided to make it a ninja turtle. For the longest time i could not put the whistle together correctly so it would not whistle, so i had to have a little help in putting it together correctly and then it started to whistle. The thing I would change about my artwork would be doing better on the smaller details on my turtle, and making the legs alot better.

Critique #1

There is not just one object I see in this piece of artwork. The artwork as a whole is what i see. It all kind of just blends together. Instead of looking like clay it almost looks like a carved out piece of wood. But if you really look hard enough it almost looks like a really brown camoflouge. This piece is smooth textured, with smooth edges. Based on everything I know about this artwork, I would have to say that this would have something to do with a vortex. It would be a lot more better if the whole thing was a solid black though that way it looked more like a vortex.Ellen SchonVortex2012Smoke-fired clay13” x 20” x 20”

Critique #2

It almost looks like the three people are all wrapped up by one snake. Also im not sure why, but a couple of hands are missing. This artwork has smooth texture but also a little rough were the people are very detailed, if you know what I mean. The color white also is good because it almost represents innocence. Based on the information I know, which isnt very much, I think this piece is about a boy and his sons. But it looks like they are all wrapped up in something like a snake or a vine but I can not really tell. Laocoön and His SonsAgesander, Athenodoros and Polydorus25 BCWhite Marble1.84 m in height