Dragon friends,

We are flying into February on Cupid’s wings with the target locked on to learning and leadership!

HUNGRY for a Mighty Dragon Burger?! Designed by our own 5th grade Student Ambassadors and Announcement Leaders, this tantalizing treat is available throughout February at Cheerleader’s Pub and Grill! Enjoy a delicious treat and enjoy an evening out!

We are EXCITED about our CandyLandy Dance! Our amazing DRE Family School Partnership is busy with all the preparations for this amazing night of fun! We still are in need of basket donation and are seeking volunteers! CandyLand is from 5:00-7:30 Friday, February 10th! Kick up your heels and enjoy an evening of “sweet” fun!

SYNERGIZE with our families attend our upcoming Parent/Teacher Conferences! Conferences will be held February 15th and 16th! We once again strive to reach 100% of parents with conferences! Letters to reserve you spot went home last week in your child’s Friday Folder! Looking forward to continuing our amazing partnership to ensure learning and leadership success for our dragon family!

FAMILY FUN at Chuck E Cheese Night! Some ice got in the way last time—so we are doing it again! Support our Dragon family and enjoy a night out! Chuck E Cheese Night is scheduled for February 24th from 3-9 p.m.

We are EXPANDING the family! Do you know a student that will be 5 years old by July 31st, 2017? Kindergarten registration for the 2017-2018 school year will be held March 9th in the DRE Cafeteria from 4:30-6:30 p.m. Sign up your dragon leader today as we look forward to him/her beginning their educational journey. Welcome to the newest members of our family! We are happy you are here!

We are experiencing that ever-changing Missouri weather! One day it is 65 degrees and the next 15 degrees, please make certain as the temperatures continue to change your children are dressed appropriately with coats, hats and gloves. We will continue to take the students outside for a breath of fresh air as long as weather permits. Please make an effort to mark your children’s belongings with a name inside. If an items ends up in our lost and found it is easier to return to the rightful owner with a name inside. As March approaches we will be shakin’ off those winter blues and looking forward to all the blue skies ahead! Thank you for your opportunity to live our mission of Always a Learner, Always a Leader, Always a Dragon!

It’s a GREAT day to be a dragon,

Mrs. Kristi Shinn​

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Dear Parents:

There is an increasing concern in our nation about the problems of abuse of our children. National and state data indicate that this is a continuing problem and that in most cases of sexual abuse, the offender is not a total stranger to the child. It is important, therefore, that our children know the dangers of sexual assault as well as other forms of abuse.

Since the 1980's, Columbia Public Schools has presented an abuse prevention program each year to all elementary students. This year we are pleased to announce that elementary school counselors will be using a new and updated curriculum to educate students on this important topic. In February, CPS elementary school counselors will host a special meeting for parents to preview the Second Step Child Protection classroom lessons and materials. Please mark your calendar with the following date and time for the parent preview night:

Wednesday, February 8, 2017
6:30-8:00 p.m.
CPS Aslin Administration Building
1818 West Worley

Parents will have an opportunity to view the classroom lessons at the following times throughout the evening. All grade level presentations are held in separate rooms. CHILDREN SHOULD NOT ATTEND THE PREVIEW NIGHT!

6:30 p.m. Kindergarten, First Grade & Second Grade
7:15 p.m. Third Grade, Fourth Grade & Fifth Grade

To access the Second Step Child Protection curriculum materials and resources online ahead of time, go to and join with one of the following activation keys:

Kindergarten: CPUK FAMI LYGK
1st Grade: CPU1 FAMI LYG1
2nd Grade: CPU2 FAMI LYG2
3rd Grade: CPU3 FAMI LYG3
4th Grade: CPU4 FAMI LYG4
5th Grade: CPU5 FAMI LYG5

To gain access to multiple grade-levels, add additional activation keys in "My Dashboard".

These personal safety lessons will be delivered district-wide to K-5 classrooms during the months of February and March of the 2016-2017 school year. A letter will be sent home with your child the day the material is presented so that you may be able to follow-up with a discussion at home. To learn more about starting these important discussions with your child, watch this short video.

For more information, please contact your School Counselor or Susan Perkins, Coordinator of Elementary School Counseling, at 214-3580.


Your CPS Elementary School Counseling Team

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Kindergarten continues to use ST Math in media class to work on their math skills as well as their mouse skills. They also are using MyON reader to help with their reading skills. First grade is is working on taking notes in their own words. They are working on finding the most important keywords in their reading. Second grade is using their media class time to work on their non-fiction animal research projects. They are using Pebble Go to learn about animals and are working on taking notes in their own words. Third through fifth grades have been working on the FBI cyber safety website. They have been playing games that are helping them learn how to be safe online. They also continue to work on their keyboarding skills.


The physical education classes have been exploring different cultures through folk and square dance. The students did a great job learning many new folk dances from various countries. We got a great workout, reinforced listening skills and demonstrated respect for classmates while having fun dancing. Our next unit will consist of more jump roping with long ropes. These activities will help enhance our cooperation skills at the same time working on our cardiovascular fitness.

The winter months often consist of unpredictable weather. If your child wears boots to school on a PE day please help them to remember to pack their tennis shoes in their backpack. Wearing proper shoes for PE will help ensure the safety of your child while moving and participating in our activities but will also help your child be successful in everything we do!

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Our music classes jumped right into the new year with learning in mind! Fifth grade continued working to put the final touches on a song, sung in multiple parts, for a special field trip. They had an amazing day of learning about different arts opportunities in their future at the Fine Arts Extravaganza field trip, and came back sharing a wealth of information. The fourth grade students have been anxiously preparing to play the recorders, and are almost ready to apply their knowledge of instrument families, note-reading, and musicianship that we have been reviewing. Third grade musicians have been learning about different instrument families and how they are grouped, and are very excited to experiment with the large variety of drums and sound-effect instruments in class as we focus on the percussion family. Second grade students have learned two new notes this month, and used their new skills to challenge the computer in my class to a “Musical Math Snowball Fight.” (All of the classes won!) Our first grade musicians have made amazing gains in their musical learning, and have started to read beginning-level music notes. This is a huge step in musicianship, and I am so proud of them! Our kindergarten music learners have been working very hard on their listening skills in music. This means listening for a signal or cue in the music, and responding at the right time with an instrument, sound, action, or voice, and it is a skill that takes quite a bit of practice. Our musical Dragons are making great gains every day!


The students are;

Javonte Carothers in Ms. Gonzalez’s 3rd grade class

Kenley Conyers in Mrs. Wies’s 5th grade class

Patrick Nkongoro in Mrs. Wies’s 5th grade class

Travis Peng in Mrs. Wies’s 5th grade class

Luis Lara-Hernandez in Mrs. Wies’s 5th grade class

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We have started this new year in full swing. Our 5th graders explored many Fine Arts choices for their middle school experience and are finishing up projects and gearing up for several 3D projects to end the year. Students are finishing up work and bringing it home as we transition to our clay units. Please discuss your child(ren)’s art work with them; they love to share their experiences. Third grade has plans to work with the community, and will create ceramic bowls to donate to the Empty Bowls project (more information to come). Art Club has been hard at work, has voted on our next mural and will also be participating in the Empty Bowls project. Students will create ceramic bowls to raise money for the food pantry and the Columbia Center for Urban Agriculture. Bowls will be on display in March. Finally, the January Drawing Challenge is still going. Artists that are participating in the January Drawing Challenge, please turn in your drawings by February 4, 2017, to Ms. Howell.

Happy Creating!


Feb 1 - CYBA soccer practice 6:00-7:00

Feb 1 - Boy scouts of America meeting 6:30-7:30

Feb 1 - Cinco Estrellas soccer practice 7:00-9:00

Feb 2- 5th grade field trip to Rock Bridge Planetarium 9:45-11:15

Feb 2 - 3rd grade field trip to Rock Bridge Planetarium 12:00-1:30

Feb 2 - Dragon choir practice 3:20-4:30

Feb 3 - Grades K-2 distinguished dragon awards at morning gathering 8:20-8:50

Feb 3 - K-Kids and Mini Mac meeting in media center 3:30-4:30

Feb 6-10 - School Counselor's week

Feb 6 - No School - Collaboration day (adventure club in the building all day)

Feb 6 - Girl scout meeting in art room 6:00-7:00

Feb 7 - Robotics club grades 3-5 3:20-4:30

Feb 7 - CYBA basketball practice 5:30-7:00

Feb 8 - CYBA soccer practice 6:00-7:00

Feb 8 - Boy scouts of America meeting 6:30-7:30

Feb 8 - Cinco Estrellas soccer practice 7:00-9:00

Feb 9 - Our Dragons spelling bee in cafe grades 4/5 2:00p.m.

Feb 9 - Dragon choir practice 3:20-4:30

Feb 10 - Candy Land Dance 5:00-7:30

Feb 10 - Grades 3-5 distinguished dragon awards at morning gathering 8:20-8:50

Feb 13 - HSC basketball tryouts grades 4/5 3:30-5:00

Feb 13 - Dragon choir practice 3:20-4:30


Feb 14 - Robotics club grades 3/5 3:20-4:30

Feb 14 - Art club meeting 3:20-5:00

Feb 14 - CYBA basketball practice 5:30-7:00


Feb 15 - Principal birthday lunches

Feb 15 - CYBA soccer practice 6:00-7:00

Feb 15 - Boy scouts of America meeting 6:30-7:30

Feb 15 - Cinco Estrellas soccer practice 7:00-9:00

Feb 16 - Nature club room 221 grades 4-5 3:45-4:45

Feb 16 - Dragon choir practice 3:20-4:30

Feb 17 - NO SCHOOL - teacher work day

Feb 20 - NO SCHOOL - President's Day

Feb 21 - Art club meeting 3:20-5:00

Feb 21 - Cheer club tryouts in gym 3:45-4:45

Feb 21 - CYBA basketball practice 5:30-7:00

Feb 22 - 2nd grade field trip to Rock Bridge planetarium

Feb 22 - CYBA soccer practice 6:00-7:00

Feb 22 - Boy scouts of America meeting 6:30-7:30

Feb 22 - Cinco Estrellas soccer practice 7:00-9:00

Feb 23 - Cheer club tryouts in gym 3:45-4:45

Feb 23 - Dragon choir practice 3:20-4:30

Feb 27 - Nature club grades K-2 hiking 3:20-4:30

Feb 27 - Dragon choir practice 3:20-4:30

Feb 28 - CYBA basketball practice 5:30-7:00