The Zapper!

By: Aastha Shukla


Picture, stingers that can even sting when they are dead! These fascinating creatures are called Portuguese Man of War! Portuguese Man of War is a type of organism that lives in the sea with tentacles that sting painfully. Did you imagine that they have no gender?


As you can see, these jelly-like Physalis are so fascinating that you can’t take your eyes off them! There were fossil records of this organism 600 years back! Create an image of all the things that I informed you about these striking creatures; the way they move, their food, the way they Zap! at their prey, and finally the unusual look and Anatomy of these animals.

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Read this comic and learn some interesting facts about the Portuguese Man of War!
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Word Wall

Get fascinating facts stuffed in your mind when you read my word wall!


In Go Fish! I chose 3 types of fish. First, I chose one Dwarf Gourami, it has blue, red, and orange on its body. It is 3 inches long! Next, I chose the 1.5 inch Cherry Barb, with bright red, and magnificent brown. Finally, I picked one 1.75 inch Goldfish with striking, bright orange. To buy all of these fascinating fish, I spent $6.05. A 20-gallon tank could fit all these fish. My theme includes a majestic castle, for these organisms to hide in. Bright, green, glow in the dark gravel will be placed on the bottom of this tank. Also, I got a blue stone bridge. Finally, I got rock Garden coral and petco plants. As you can see, In Go Fish! I had a lot of fun building my imaginary aquarium.

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My diorama includes 8 organisms. This is where the Portuguese Man of war lives. In this project, my animals are numbered. Number 1 is the pinchy crab, Number 2 is the clammy clam, The circular shaped coral is number 3. Number 4 is the seahorse. Next, is number five, which is a fish. Then, is Number 6 which is the bottlenose dolphin. Number 7 is the octopus. Lastly, is the Portuguese Man of War which is Number 8.

Address Poem

Oh, Portuguese Man of War,

You have such a striking sting,

Your tentacles are 165 ft long!

But, I have a question,

Where do you live?

Do you live in the trees?

The desert?

Or the rainforest?

Wait, I got it,

You live in the warm,

Tropical waters!


Watch this video and you'll be fascinated!
Portuguese Man O' War Wash Up