Why Lunch Ladies Are Heroes


Why lunch ladies are heroes?

Lunch ladies are heroes because they need to serve food to all of the kids at the cafeteria that dont even appriciate their hard work and the fact that they work at the kitchen for almost 4 hours.

School lunch hero day

Is a day where kids can make creative projects for their lunch staff. And did you know that a little over 30 million kids participate in school lunch programs every day? That equals up to a little over five billion lunches made every school year.

How the kids should treat the lunch ladies?

Because of the children behavior the lunch ladies are upset and depressed and they want the children to behave better so they could serve them better therefor the children must change their behavior.

Why is the lunch ladies are so importent ?

Because they feed our childrens every single day , and before a child can learn, their belly needs to be full, and these women and men are working on the front lines to create an educated society.

How the kids thanked the lunch ladies ?

Kids made hamburger cards that were made out of construction paper. They took photos of their lunch lady's head and plastered it onto my cartoon lunch lady and fixed that to a milk carton and presented them with flowers. And they made their own comics, starring the cartoon lunch lady alongside their actual lunch ladies. And they made thank you pizzas, where every kid signed a different topping of a construction paper pizza. And all of that to thank the lunch ladies for their hard work

Why I chose this subject?

I chose this subject because I think the lunch ladies are not appreciated enough and I wanted to know what the society does for the lunch ladies.