Greek Goddess

Abby Deguzman

My goddess' name is Aria (means "gentle music")

She is the goddess of music. Aria has the power to heal people in pain with her music. With her music, she helps people in the hardest conditions.

Aria has long, beautiful multicolored hair. She has gorgeous blue eyes and pupils the shape of music notes.

Aria was in a strong long lasting relationship with a mortal. They shared a tight bond. Best Friends and Lovers. Music brought Aria and her other half together. Through his tough times, her music suported him.

Aria's symbol is a dove with a music note

Aria helped this young girl through her struggles.

She inspired her to pursue her dream in music and to keep going no matter what.

"Don't give up no matter what the circumstance."

Abby Deguzman- Ho Hey acoustic cover (live)