Oprah Winfrey

by:Makala Riley

Oprah the famous talk show host

Oprah has a good life now but what about her past life?

lets find out

Her family life

Oprah had been sexually harassed when she was little by male family and friends. Her mom left her with her grandma. Soon her grandma had to go to a home that will help her since she is getting older. Oprah had to live with her dad in Nashville, Tennessee. she graduated Tennessee University. Knew how to read before three.

Some Pictures Of Oprah

What challenges did she face

Some challenges are :

She was a African American

She put her self out there

What are some successes did she have

She got the medal of freedom in 2013.

She became a famous talk show host

She was one of the very first rich African Americans

How was she successful despite her challenges?

She never gave up and she had a dream and wanted it to be true

Who encouraged Oprah?

Oprah's Grandma , Dad, and fans

What is her Legacy

Her legacy is that she inspired Thousands