Apple Mail Export Tool

Apple Mail export Mailbox to Outlook 2011

Tips to Select the Right Apple Mail Export Mailbox Convertor

Although there may be multiple Apple Mail export Mailbox to outlook 2011 conversion tools available in the market the ultimate decision to select the right tool as per your needs depends solely on you.

How to Select Apple Mail Export Mailbox that Fits Your Requirements?

Selecting the right Apple Mail export Mailbox tool may be quite a task if you are doing it for the first time. As it is an important step to check the features of the Apple Mail export Mailbox convertor and then use it for conversion.

What you need to check is whether the Apple Mail export Mailbox to Outlook 2011 convertor is compatible with your computer? What is the exact size of email accounts that it can handle? Is it simple and easy to use? How long does it take to export? Is it a complete migration solution? Does it preserve original email formats? Does it keep the Mailbox folder hierarchical structure intact? How many languages does it support? Does it render accurate results? And similar such queries. If there is a single tool that is capable of answering all the above questions then you can go ahead and select it. One such tool that is capable of matching your expectation and doing a great job is Apple Mail Export Tool by Digital Tweaks that I would recommend.

Salient features of the Apple Mail export Mailbox tool by Digital Tweaks:

  • · Highly intuitive, automated wizard driven tool, even a novice can use it
  • · Key advanced features developed by IT experts
  • · Dedicated support for users in case of issues
  • · Versatile conversion tool that handles multiple formats
  • · Data is preserved and intact post conversion
  • · Migrates images as well as text, from the email body
  • · Migrates embedded contents
  • · Keeps sender’s and recipient’s email addresses intact
  • · Supports multiple languages even those which use double byte characters e.g. Arabic

The best part is that you don’t even need MS Outlook for Mac 2011 installed on you system for the conversion process to occur. But, once the conversion is complete Outlook for Mac 2011 would be required for importing the converted Apple Mail files.