My Best Technology Projects Of 2015

By Quentin Morris

Toontastic Project

My story was about a number 1 spot of becoming the King of Basketball it all started of as a 2 on 2 but the ABC 12 News came and it became a competitive game. It became everyone for themselves it could only be 1 winner it was 2 boys 2 girls it was to show that it doesn't matter what gender you are long as you try you can do it. The final people it was a boy and a girl the girl put up a good hard fight until the end cause she was so tired so the boy.
My Toontastic Fairytale!

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Toontastic Fairy Tale

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Haiku Deck

It was about many different ways to be successful in Basketball and what it takes to be determine it was ways like. Hardwork,Dedication and more.

Thematic Stories

This like some of the NBA players who i think are the best in order even some of the old school players.

Story Bird

My story is telling you that if you get lost never give up no matter how hard you think it is and it always someone out there.

Goodbye Seniors

How i feel about the seniors and its good to see them being on the right track and to see all of 2015 graduates.