Classroom Connections

Mrs. Sedlar's Class

Important Dates

5-4 Bike to School Day

5-5 Volunteer Appreciation Breakfast

5-10 Lock Down Practice Drill

5-10 Galileo Math Test

5-12 The Ned Show Assembly

5-12 Galileo Reading Test

5-16 PALS testing

5-18 to 5-20 Spring Book Fair

5-19 Ice cream social/year book signing-DUCT TAPING MRS. STAHMER & ??

5-24 Disc Golf

5-27 Falcon Frenzy

5-30 No School- Memorial Day

5-31 All School Walk

6-2 Last Day of School- Field Day & Awards & Report Cards Online

Last Day of School Misprint!!


On your red magnet you may have received at the beginning of the year it states JUNE 3RD as our last day of school. THIS IS INCORRECT!!!!! *****OUR LAST DAY IS JUNE 2ND!!!!***** PLEASE BE AWARE OF THIS MISPRINT!!!!

This Week in 1st Grade:

Math: We started our last Module on Wednesday! We are finishing the year with comparing numbers and adding and subtracting to 100!

Reading: This week we started out with a cause & effect pretest to see what the kids already knew!! They ALL met our goal so we are moving onto close reading instead!! We will be dissecting text and annotating text to help us further understand.

Writing: The students are continuing to work on their book reviews and putting their finishing touches on the.

Science: Next week we will be measuring temperature, and learning what an anemometer is and how it helps us to track wind speed!!


You should have received a note home about our Penny War Competition that begins on Monday!! Bring in pennies to help select a teacher you want duct taped to the wall or bring in silver/dollars to save a teacher!! Let the competition begin!!!! :)

Spelling Words

Spelling Words:







**Spelling Pattern: Varient vowels -oo sound