Phillipe Petit: Magic, Art, Science & Math

August, 1974 Man on Wire

Phillippe Petit, a French performance artist, was inspired to walk the tight rope when he saw that the Twin Towers were being built in New York City. It would take him two years, but, with a team of friends, he accomplished his beautiful dream. Perspective is everything and to see what the world thought of his walk check out how CBS news reported this feat.

Magic, Science, Math and Art: Creativity's Lasting Impact

Petit is now an author, speaker, magician and problem solver. An avid doodler, he is always coming up with new ideas. How can we capitalize on this inspiring story for our students? By listening, having discussions, sharing his ideas and developing our own!

How Will We Engage Our Students This Year?

Try these titles in your e-book collection for our students.

  • I, Galileo by B. Christesen
  • On a Beam of Light: A Story of Albert Einstein by J. Berne
  • Timmy Failure: Mistakes Were Made by S. Pastis
  • A Leaf Can Be by L. Salas
  • The Magic Paintbrush: A Chinese Folktale by M. York

Possibilities . . . They're Endless!

A Schoolwide Study of Magic culminating in A Magic Show

Scientist and Mathmagician Studies culminating in a Wax Museum

Application of Math and Science Concepts in Problem Based Projects for Our Campus

"Create an App" Invention Fair