Watch Over Me is expanding and we are looking for qualified iOS and Android developers to join our team and build the next big thing in personal safety. We strongly believe that Watch Over Me is positioned to be the leader in personal safety, and we want developers passionate about making a difference taking this adventure with us.

You will be working on a product that can help keep women safe.

If your wife, girlfriend, sister or mother were in danger - would you like to be notified? If you were in a new city, would you like to know which streets were dangerous so you could avoid them?

Watch Over Me is a personal safety app that allows users to be tracked via GPS and watched over when they need it the most. There are tons of personal safety apps and services in the App Store and out of it. But they always circle around the same concept:

  • Be tracked all the time, or
  • Hit a panic button to call for help

Watch Over Me believes that the modern woman does not want to be tracked all the time, and it is physically impossible to hit a panic button when you are trying to escape. Based on that philosophy, we have designed a product that:

  • Tracks women only when they want to be tracked
  • Lets women know when they need to turn the app on
  • Notifies women when they have entered a high crime area

Work with people who are passionate and invested in helping women feel safer


Xinch is the co-founder of Watch Over Me. She started her professional career as a business and community manager at Mindvalley, managing a community of over 250,000 people passionate about personal growth. There, she honed her Internet marketing skills, dabbling in search engine optimisation, website optimization, and email marketing. After Mindvalley, she spent a year as a hired gun coming up with social media and community growth strategies for organizations in a variety of industries from F&B to politics.

She started working on the app after escaping a kidnap attempt in at The Curve in Selangor in 2012.


Jmes is the the founder, CEO, and Chief Architect of the software behind Watch Over Me. He's spent his life building innovative software applications.

He was previously Chief Technology Officer Theta Service Partners, developing and designing core banking solution for financial institutions. Prior to that, he was R&D Manager for Experian Malaysia, where he built multiple winning products adopted by Experian’s customers.

James founded Watch Over Me after he and his family lost contact with his sister for days. It turns out her car had crashed and she wasn’t discovered for hours. For 3 days, no one alerted James’ family.

2014 onwards, we're going bigger and better places...

... And we're looking for iOS developers to help bring Watch Over Me to the next level for iOS. If you...

  • Have a deep love for iOS and all its Xcode goodness
  • Prefers Android and its Nexusdom
  • Is obsessed with the details and getting it right
  • Codes like a demon on speed
  • Want to build something that can and will impact women all over the world...

Email with your CV & references.