Claude Debussy

French composer

Life span

Claude Debussy, the well known french composer was born on August 22, 1862 and he ied on March 25, 1918.

Personal Life?

His family moved to Paris in 1867, and his mom was a seamstess. Claude as the oldest sibling of five, and at only age seven he decided to take piano lessons. Then at age ten he entered the Paris conservatore.

Main instrument: Piano

Impressionist music

Most Famous Peices of Music

-Claire De Lune
-Beau Soir

Cause of Death?

Claude Debussy died from cancer in his colon.

Why is He Still Talked About?

I think Debussy is talked about today because he made such an impact in music when he was alive. I listened to some of his music and I really enjoyed it. His music was very nice and peaceful, and many people could listen to it no matter what kind of music genre they liked.