Bill Gates

By G. Argueta

Early Life

Bill Gates was born William Henry Gates III on October 28, 1955. Growing up Bill lived with his parents William Gates Jr. and Mary Gates. He was the middle child growing up. Kristi was his older sister by one year and Libby was his younger sister by nine years. According to Bill went to Lakeside growing up and graduated in 1973. After Lakeside Bill went to Harvard


Bill Gates was a very successful man, even growing up. When Bill was 14 he created Traf-0-Data that made $20,000 in its first year. Later he dropped out of Harvard to start Microsoft. He cofounded Microsoft with his friend Paul Allen. Later he started to share Microsoft products on CD-ROM and other things. Then he created Windows and according to Windows is used in 90% of computers today. In 2000 he was declared the richest man in the world by Forbes Magazine.


Bill Gates had many challenges on his journey such as… Freshman year of college Bill had an illness and dropped out because he got too sick. Later in 1995 he got sued by the U.S Department of Justice for breaking antitrust laws. In 1999 Bill wrote a book called Business @ the Speed of Thought which explains how to solve problems in a company. Microsoft was always moving and in 1999 Bill appealed to a ruling that stated Microsoft should be broken up into smaller companies. In 2000 this got too hard for him and he handed the daily management to his associate Steve Ballmer but he still remains the chairman.


Bill Gates has had many accomplishments through his journey too, such as… He was the cofounder of Microsoft which made him very rich. He also founded Windows which is used in 90% of computers today. Later Bill and his wife, Melinda created the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation which helps which in need of an education and health care, Bill also gave $28 Billion to charities ,$100 Million to help end AIDS, and $750 Million for vaccinations.

Fun Facts

  • Bill Gates' first computer program was a tic tic toe game
  • Bill Gates sold his first computer program at 17 and made $4,200
  • Bill Gates was arrested for driving without a license
  • Bill Gates makes about $250 a second
  • Bill Gates got an honorary degree 32 years after dropping out


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