SS Department Meeting

Tues, Dec. 15th

Benchmark #2

Testing Window is Wed. Jan. 7th - Fri. Jan. 23rd.

Using AIL, but not Engage and Learn for this round unless you choose to do so.

All results have to be uploaded by the last day of the testing window.

Be sure not to teach to the test or create study guides directly from the test. Consider it a secure test.

PASS Testing

PASS Testing for SS will be Friday, May 8th. It will include several Field Test items unrelated to our content area. Melony Sanford suggests not telling students in advance about those additional items.


Please submit one sample assessment without your name to be by Friday, Jan. 9th. This will be submitted to Melony Sanford.

EL Protocols/DOK Levels

Be sure to incorporate EL Protocols into your lessons on a consistent basis. (preferably daily)

Also, aim to incorporate higher DOK levels into your weekly lessons.


If you have a specific date/period that you would like for me to observe you after the break, please let me know.

Specifically looking for higher DOK levels (3&4) and Rigor, EL Protocols being implemented..

EL Project

Where is each grade level with this? What are our topics and are they interdisciplinary or team-based?