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GSC Education Department Newsletter: June, 2015.

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"I wonder what it would be like to live in a world where it was always June." -- L.M. Montgomery



It’s the end of the school year, but it's not too soon to begin planning for next year—and inspiring your church members and parents to support Adventist education.

(Note from Stan Hobbs: I shared the following at camp meeting just before the Sabbath worship service began May 30. I'm sure you have a similar story. I encourage you to share this story and your own stories with your church members and visitors this summer!)

Dr. Roger Bothwell, shared one of the most powerful stories illustrating the value of Adventist education that I have ever seen.

Here is Dr. Bothwell's story:

“Just this spring," he writes, "one of our local church school teachers asked her students to write autobiographies that would be compiled into a class book.

"One student wrote, 'I’ve been through a lot in the last twelve years. I lost my grandpa, went to Oshkosh [site of the annual Pathfinder camporee], made friends, learned to love Jesus, and came to a Christian school. My life has been so much better with Christ in it. I want to be an ER doctor—help people and save their lives like Jesus wants us to. So my life is great, and there are many more memories to come.’

"Surely there is no greater evangelistic campaign for any church than teaching our children to love Jesus,” concludes Dr. Bothwell.

The teacher of that child must be thrilled and fulfilled beyond words. Adventist education is the backbone of our church. Without it, the Seventh-day Adventist Church would not be what it is today. Yes, it costs a lot—for parents, teachers, and the church at every level of its structure. But it’s worth it!

Here are some simple things you can do to promote the good things Adventist education does:
  1. Get a supply of The Blueprint DVD from your local Adventist Book Center. Show it to your church members. Give copies of it to all the parents of school age children in your church.It will reinforce the value of Adventist education.
  2. Get copies of True Education from your local Adventist Book Center—and share them with the parents of school age children in your church.
  3. Share testimonies at church of the influence of Adventist education. Ask members to share their experiences on Sabbath morning. Get some of the students to share what they appreciate about their school.
  4. Plan an "Education Sabbath" this summer—invite the conference education director to speak. Have a teacher dedication service. (Note from Stan Hobbs: I have encouraged your pastors regarding a teacher dedication service near the start of the school year and I have a few available dates if you wish to contact me about speaking).
  5. CLICK to read an excellent article, and use it for the bases of a sermon: Seven Reasons Why I Send My Child to An Adventist School. (Note from Stan Hobbs. This is an excellent article and certainly worth sharing! I definitely plan to use it the next time I speak for an Education Sabbath)


UPDATE: WRAP TEST -- 2015-16

We cancelled last year, as you know. To update you: the Southern Union has formed a committee that is exploring other options for standardized writing testing. In the meantime, the agreement with ERB continues for WrAP and our conference is billed a membership fee each year. Nonetheless, I have listened to many concerns. From the fact that the corresponding prep materials are costly to the difficulties inherent in giving these test in multi-grade settings when all grades are not testing.

While Diane Ruff, Union Associate Supt. for Elementary, is encouraging participation she is not mandating it for us. Neither am I. I am encouraging participation in WrAP, but I am giving you the ability to opt out if you choose to do so. My hope is that those classrooms with just two grades or perhaps four grades stay in and offer the test to your students. And that if you test, I encourage you to spend the time preparing them -- even if you use alternative writing materials such as Writing A-Z.

Let me know if you have any questions. If you opt out, feel free to remove it from your calendar before you distribute them at the beginning of school. Kelsey will ask you for a decision one way or another when you register at Teacher Convention.


Teacher Convention: August 3-6, 2015

Registration: Monday, August 3 -- 4:30 to 6:30 at the BMA Ad Building
Dinner: Monday, August 3 -- 6:00 to 6:30 in the BMA Cafeteria
General Session: Monday, August 3 -- 7:00-8:15 in the BMA Chapel

A detailed schedule will be provided upon arrival. Meetings continue until noon Wednesday, August 6. We have a packed agenda that I hope will prove worthwhile.
Look forward to seeing you there!

Kelsey has sent your registration information via email.

There will be a pre and post convention training for Chalkable (formerly SSM) for those of you who use this software. Kelsey will send you information about this.


Welcome New Education Team Members!

Listed in alphabetical order:
Scott Bowes -- Principal, Bass Memorial Academy
Katherine Bowes -- Teacher, Bass Memorial Academy
Rick Brace -- Boy's Dean/Work Coordinator, Bass Memorial Academy
Chris Busche -- Chaplain/Asst. Dean, Bass Memorial Academy
Marisa Harrison -- Girl's Dean, Bass Memorial Academy
James Hunt -- grades 5-8, Montgomery Adventist School
Brittni James -- grades 5-8, Community Christian School
Caroline Pounal -- Teacher, Bass Memorial Academy
Alyssa Sharpe -- grades 5-6, Hoover Christian School

Looking forward to working with each of you!



Don't forget to turn in your form at Teacher Convention! You can download your form at the our Department of Education tab at the website. This is for activities August 1, 2014 to July 31, 2015. Last year's GSC Teacher convention had 13 hours of sessions and meetings.


Professional Activity Credit is earned by participation in professional activities such as:

a. Web-based and distance learning programs.

b. Conferences, seminars and workshops.

c. NAD, union and local conference inservices and conventions.

d. Committee membership (curriculum, policy).

e. Evaluation visiting committee membership.

f. Mentoring/student teacher supervision.

g. Assigned leadership role/responsibility.

h. Professional presentations.

i. Authoring/editing published works.

j. Observation with analysis and reporting.

k. Pre-approved topic specific independent study.

l. Professional reading program.

m. Educational travel and mission trips.


The Adventist Learning Community has launched!

Dear Adventist Education Family,
The Adventist Learning Community has launched. It is in its early stages and represents only the tip of the iceberg of things to come.

There are 8 certificate/continuing education courses available including:

  1. Adventist K-12 School Board Membership, NAD Office of Education
  2. Ministries Curriculum for Local Church Leaders= (English and Spanish), NAD Family Ministries Department
  3. Men’s Ministries for Local Church Leaders (English and Spanish), NAD Men’s Ministries Department
  4. Single Adult Ministries Local Church Leaders, NAD Single Adult Ministries Department
  5. Creating a Positive Digital Footprint, Southwestern Adventist University
  6. Teaching & Preaching to Copyright, Southern Adventist University

There are 3,000 media resources, thousands of which have been organized into “resource groups” based on audience and content. We are adding dozens of new resources daily, and will be partnering with other Adventist databases so that we can search hundreds of thousands even millions of resources in the months and years to come.

Many of the resources and all of the courses have been labeled according to the Pastoral Core Qualities, so that pastors can filter results with ease. When the “Administrative Core Qualities” and the “Teacher Standards” have been finalized we will also label resources to support them.


What are you reading this summer?

I'm reading:
1. The 12 Touchstones of Good Teaching: A Checklist for Staying Focused Every Day by Bryan Goodwin
2. The Road Ahead: A Vision for Spiritual Leadership in the 21st Century by Jere D. Patzer
3. The Boys in the Boat: Nine Americans and Their Epic Quest for Gold at the 1936 Berlin Olympics, by Daniel James Brown

I hope you find some time to read as well. SPEAKING OF READING....

1. Here is the link for the NAD professional growth books:

2. don't miss the announcement below regarding ANGEL that I ran in the May Newsletter.
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ANGEL (library) Update from Southern Union VP for Education, Debra Fryson

After much study and prayerful deliberation, it has been decided that the A.N.G.E.L. Library Program will cease operation on June 30, 2015. The official action was voted by the Southern Union Superintendents’ Advisory, as authorized by an enabling action voted by the Southern Union Board of Education.

Over the 30 years that A.N.G.E.L. has been in existence 130 schools have closed. As students and classrooms have decreased, income has also decreased. Operating costs, however, have not, and those costs have begun to outpace the amount spent on books. As a result, it is no longer financially viable to operate the A.N.G.E.L. Library Program as it currently exists without a substantial increase in per student and per classroom fees.

In an effort to continue providing much needed library support services, without an increase in annual fees, a way has been identified to reduce operating costs through a third-party vendor, Mackin Educational Resources. To learn more visit As a further cost saving measure, the library services program will relocate to the Southern Union Office in Norcross, GA.

With the change you may wonder if schools should continue to collect the annual library fee, and if so, should it remain at last year’s rate. The answer is yes, fees should be collected at the same per-pupil rate assessed for the 2014-2015 school year. The cost saving measures mentioned above will restore a proper balance between operating costs and book expenditures so that the larger percentage of funds will once again be used to purchase books and other information resources.

In August the transition to Mackin will begin. Schools will receive ongoing communication and guidance to ensure the process runs smoothly. We look forward to the opportunity to be of service in the upcoming months as the changeover occurs.





I hope you'll go back and look at last month's In The Know. It contained information on:
1. the NAD discount for IXL math which I hope you'll pursue;
2. a pertinent article on Adventist education as both in reach and out reach;
3. a limited time offer on By Design materials that expires July 31;
4. the latest research about cell phones in the classroom;
5. and a video regarding the promising ACCE program for our schools.
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Educator Birthdays -- JULY

Happy JULY Birthday to Bonnie Feese (Bass Christian Elementary, July 1); Gwen Stinson (Pensacola Junior Academy, July 17); Nancy Price (Big Cove Christian Academy, July 17); Kristy Mobley (Pensacola Junior Academy, July 18); Beth Huddleston (College Drive SDA School, July 21)

Apologies if any of our new employees have July birthdays. We do not have their personal information in our e-adventist system yet.

And BTW, I failed to include my own birthday in the June birthday list so here it is: June 27
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