Genital Mutilation is Wrong!

by Kelsey Grina


1. Genital mutilation and circumcision are psychologically traumatic. Studies show that victims as young as newborns show sign of PTSD from circumcision. The surgeries are traumatic and both men and women deal with emotional issues related to their mutilations throughout their lives.

2. These surgeries decrease physical pleasure. The foreskin and clitoris are the most sensitive parts of the genitalia, and removing them hinders sexual pleasure.

3. Physical complications result from any form of mutilation, or surgery. The surgery alone allows for infections to occur, and the long term effects can be quite severe. The skin on the penis may be too tight and result in painful erection or even tearing at the scar site. Females must endure infections, irritations, and severe scarring around the area, as well as experience complications with pregnancy, sex, and even menstrual bleeding.

Female genital mutilation
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