Megan Boers

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Geographical Information

Region: Europe

Area: Ranked 63rd

Climate: Temperate

Arable land: 34.1

Capital City: Berlin

3 Largest Cites: Berlin Hamburg Munich , Bavaria

Demographic Information

Population: 80.62

Population density: 82, 369, 548

Growth Rate: 0.2 %

Urbanized: 228 people

Life Expectancy: 80.89

AIDS Rate: 0.1

Literacy Rate: 99%

Languages: Danish North Frisian and saterland Frisian

Cultural Information

Customs and traditions: Oktoberfest and Christmas

Food: sauerkraut sausage potato salad bratwurst

Family and Makeup: it has declined since 1991 from 2.3 to 2.2

Clothing: the girls wear apron they also a blouse while the men wear short pants and also wear leather with their shirts

Housing: 2 thirds of all homes in Germany are one generation houses

Religion: Christianity 60 to 70 %

Political Information

types of government: Federal republic, Representative Democracy, Constitutional Democracy, parliamentary Democracy

Freedom house Political Rights Score : 1
Civil Rights Score: 1,1,10

Press: Joachim Gauck

Corruption perception index with World Rank: 10 and 10

Domestic/Regional conflicts: Franco-Prussian war (1870-1871) second Samoan war (1898-1899)

Economic information

GDP with world Rank: ranked 4th 3,874,437

Laber = 80% agriculture, 40%Industry, 70%services

Unemployment: 4.7 (April 2015)

% below proverity line :12.5 millon

Happy planet index with World rank 47.2 and ranked 46th