Lemon Head

Jax Brooks

When I was two years old...

When I was two years old and I had begun to talk, I often complained to my mom and grandma that I saw things such as lady bugs or clouds that blocked my eye sight. I also hated lights because they hurt my eyes very bad. I could not stand music or TV because I could not handle the sounds they gave me bad headaches. At first my mom and grandma thought I was just “asking for attention” but after a while it began to became more serious to them. They began to worry there might be a problem.

My diagnosis

Finally my mom and grandma decided to take me to a Doctor to help figure out what the problem was. When my mom and grandma took me to the doctors we met Dr. Meclanahan, he is a neuron surgeon who did all of my surgeries in the future. He told them that I had an arachnoid cist the size of a lemon and removing it would be like trying to tear wet toilet paper. After more conversation with the doctor we discovered that I also had diabetes isopodous and many other things that will be problems in the future.

what my family thought

The other part of my family thought that my mom and grandma were dumb for taking me; they said it was nothing but a kid being a kid. But they will later find out it was a lot more serious.

what the doctor did

But with Diabetes isopodous I constantly needed to be hydrated or else I easily run out of electrolytes. I started on this pill which was called D.D.A.V.P which prevented from that. The doctor also had preform surgery to get rid of the cist, which was a very big deal. Once it was gone lots of problems were resolved.

how i over came the obstacle

While taking that medicine was a very huge deal as the years progressed I started to become immune and I started to not need it and each time I took a Doctor’s visit they would tell me to take less and less. Then one day I completely stop taking it. The doctors said they have never seen anyone so easily get off the medicine that quick and it takes near 20 years to stop taking it.