Third Grade Loves to Learn

Maple Grove Elementary

April 8, 2016

Grizzly News

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Student Placement Letter for 2016-2017 School Year

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Testing Information

Below is a list of important dates you will need to know for the upcoming weeks. Testing will begin the week of April 18th and will continue through to May 6th. It is of the utmost

importance that your child is at school each and every day we are scheduled for testing, as make-ups can be extremely difficult to schedule. Please make sure your child gets plenty of rest during these weeks and a healthy breakfast each morning. These tests are important not only for your child, but for our whole school to show growth and improvement.

IMPORTANT Testing Dates

Mrs Self:

ELA Test: April 19th 9:45-11:45

ELA Performance: April 21st 12:45-2:45

Math Test: April 26th 9:45-11:45

Math Performance: April 28th 12:45-2:45

IRI: April 26th 1:00-1:45

Mrs. McMullen:

ELA Test: April 19th 12:45-2:45

ELA Performance: April 22nd 9:45-11:45

Math Test: April 25th 12:45-2:45

Math Performance: April 28th 9:45-10:45

IRI: April 26th 10-10:45

Weekly Academic Overview

Math: Geometry: Sorting and describing polygons by attributes. TEST on Friday!

Reading: Computer Testing Preparation, Critical Reading and Responses to paired texts.

Language: Writing: Journal Responses, using evidence from text to support response.

Spelling: The Dropping Rule: Drop the final e, before adding a vowel suffix.

Hope + ed = Hoped, Complete + ing = completing

Technology: Test preparation

Social Studies: Mapping

Mrs. Self's Contact Information

208/854-5566...Self classroom phone

Mrs. McMullen's Contact Information

208/854-5567...McMullen classroom phone