Judith St. George


Alex is a 16 year old boy who is taking care of an old mansion with his friend Bruce. The mansion was owned by the Von Durst. The husband named Baron killed his wife Baroness and then he killed himself. Alex met a german shepherd but whenever he thinks something weird is going on around the house the dog attacks him.

The Mystery

Solving the mystery

Alex mets 2 girls at a shop and he brings them to the mansion. They discover that there is a full closet of nazi uniforms and letters in german. One of the girls is very fluent in German and she reads the letters in German. They find out that Baroness was adopted and her real mother was Jewish and killed in the holocaust. Baron killed her because she was trying to remake her will. Her will is in a sudden fire and Alex recuses it.

Alex Phillips (about the main character)

Alex is a 16 year old boy who lives in Pennsylvania. He is calm and smart. He works part time as a house keeper. His best friend is Bruce Buchanan and his girlfriend is Joanna.