Unt health science center

By Gabriela Lafuente

About UNT

This school opened in 1970 as the Texas College of Osteopthic Medicine. The 2,100 student campus has really grown. We are committed to providing Texas and the nation the highest quality health professionals.

Why should you choose UNT Health Science

You should join us because our record of service, top 15 specialty ranking in rural medicine, top 15 specialty ranking in geriatrics, top 20 specialty ranking in family medicine, and top 50 medical schools to primary care medicine. The values we have are serve others first, integrity, respect, collaboration, and be visionary. Also our mission is to create solutions for a healthier community.

The Campus

Guaranteed to have a great time


We have tons of team spirit, a homecoming bonfire, parades, Friday pride day, and we have a Mean Green March! HOORAY!!!